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Welcome to the last blog of the season from Morriscastle Strand Holiday Park here in the still – sunny South East!

So, lots of things happened this summer and lots didn’t for various reasons. We tried to have our Music, Cheese & Wine evening but that was scuppered by the only super wet evening that we had through the whole two months…we had to stop that night as soon as the rain started pouring in on the musicians through the Marquees :)
We also didn’t get round to having our Coffee Morning for some reason – but even without that happening we still managed to bring up a cheque for €4,000 to The Irish Cancer Society.
F O U R T H O U S A N D E U R O S!!!!

We were successful in having lots of activities throughout the season though. Thank you all for taking part in our Footie Tournaments, our Bridge nights, Poker nights, Train rides, Shave Or Dye event, Craft evenings, Movie nights, Pizza making class, Bouncy Day & Music Nights. I also want to thank you all for both bringing and buying our books in the shop. The fact that they’re given freely and generously means that every sale of €2 goes straight to the Charity.

Not only did I enjoy shaving heads again this summer at our Shave Or Dye avo, we also had the best craic in August at our ALS Ice Bucket Challenge where all of our brave staff members took part. Our audience was huge and extremely generous (and why wouldn’t they be? – to be able to see us all drenched and frozen!!!) so we were able to donate €300 the next day to the Irish Motor Neuron Disease Association. Poor old Ed nearly needed an ambulance for the shock of the Ice but he laughed his way through the pain. I was a very bad daughter and have genuinely never laughed as much this summer as I did when we tipped the water over his head, but he volunteered so….what you can do? (as Dorian would say).

ALS Ice Bucket challenge at Morriscastle Strand Holiday Park

Shave or dye at Morriscastle Strand Holiday Park

Fund raising for the Irish Lifeboats in Morriscastle Strand Holiday Park

Morriscastle Strand Holiday Park Cancer Society cheque

Our Kidskamp began again at the beginning of July and ran through until the last of August with great success with huge thanks to our enthusiastic organiser Bettina. She ran Arts and Crafts classes in our Club House every Tues, Wed and Thursday along with a Fun and Games day on Fridays and was as spritely and energetic at the end as she was at the beginning – well done B!! The kids creativity and projects were amazing – very inspiring, it just keeps getting better and better.

Our Cafe/Take Away on site was busy from morning to night every day of July and August which Karl can totally qualify. We had a wonderful time trying new homemade breads and scampi this year. Cant wait for the menu for 2015 already!

It was always a dream of mine to have outdoor movies at Morriscastle and this summer we managed to make it a reality! Thanks to Dads back garden, the beautiful balmy evenings and a new projector, families could come and hang out and watch a movie once it became dark. Brilliant!

Morriscastle Strand Holiday Park chef Karl hard at work

Cinema fun at Morriscastle Strand Holiday Park

Kids fun at Morriscastle Strand Holiday Park

KidsKamp fun at Morriscastle Strand Holiday Park

Morriscastle Strand Holiday Park kids train

Kids fun at Morriscastle Strand Holiday Park

The lads did a brilliant job of rebuilding all of our playgrounds and add a new one into Sinnotts Field too – all of which were received well by very enthusiastic kids (and parents alike!!) which was a gigantic feat in the middle of the peak season. Well done all.

We were very busy all summer this year and a big thank you to all who came and spent their holidays with us, either in a mobile home, a tent, campervan or touring caravan and also to the Beach House. All in all it was a very busy two months along with super Easter, May and June bank holiday weekends. But now it has nearly come to an end again for another year – although the weekends are busy this month reflecting the beautiful weather which we’re very grateful for! Thank you all again for choosing to come to Morriscastle Strand Holiday Park and we hope to see you again next year. :)

Big thanks from us to the crew too – Daithi, John, Dorian, Brian, Al, Aine, Jillian, Marie, Rachel, Aoife, Karl, Claire, Jess, Bridin, Ciara, Amy & Megan – the best bunch of girls and boys who really put their back into it this year despite the few disasters that hit us. Thanks guys!!!

Ed, Hugh and me!