The Licensee is the owner of the Touring Unit [Campervan/Touring Caravan/Motorhome], also any immediate family member, guest or employee. The Licensor is Morriscastle Strand Holiday Park or its agents. [Commonly known as Morriscastle Strand Ltd.]




1. The entrance and exit gates and barriers must not be obstructed for any reason or for any length of time. These are emergency entrance/exit areas and must be kept accessible at all times.
2. A maximum speed of 10kms must be strictly observed at all times on the Park.
3. All vehicles must be kept locked when unattended to deter joyriding by outsiders who may gain entry to the Park.
4. No parking of cars in other Park user’s site without their permission.
5. All motor vehicles [maximum 1 per site] shall be parked on the said site only and not on any of the other grassed areas or roadways.
6. No touring unit shall be displayed or offered for sale on the Park without first receiving written permission from the Licensor.
7. No motorised scooters, noisy motorbikes, Quad bikes or noisy vehicles of any description [ie – no loud faulty or modified exhausts] are permitted to enter the Park.
8. It is illegal to use these vehicles mentioned above in 8 on Morriscastle Beach or around Morriscastle Strand Holiday Park. Due to the Blue Flag status of the beach, this is punishable by fine or imprisonment.
9. No commercial vehicles are permitted down past any barriers at Morriscastle apart from units that are being delivered by said vehicles. They are not permitted to stay at the site for any period of time and must be parked in the main carpark.




1. Hiring of touring units is strictly not allowed at Morriscastle Strand Holiday Park.
2. A Licensee found to be hiring out their touring unit will result in the immediate disconnection of the touring unit and the occupants will have to leave the Holiday Park forthwith.
3. A Licensee may allow their touring unit to be occupied by immediate relatives but are responsible for ensuring that their guests are fully aware of and comply with the Site Rules.
4. The names, contact details and dates of arrival of all guests must be notified to the Licensor in advance. Licensee’s are responsible for providing their guests with keys and informing them of the operation of all apparatus.
5. Licence holders must remember that persons under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult.
6. No groups of young people are permitted to use the touring units under any circumstances.




1. Keep the Park clean and tidy to the satisfaction of the Licensor and to make use of the refuse area provided, for the disposal of domestic rubbish generated on the Park only.

2. You are advised that it is in your own best interests not to leave bread or other foodstuffs on the ground near your touring unit as this will only attract vermin.
3. Please do not allow children to dispose of bags of rubbish unless they are tall and strong enough to open the lids of the 1100 litre bins. Refuse left on the ground beside the bins is unacceptable & will result in fines.
4. The dropping of litter anywhere on the Park is forbidden, especially cigarette butts and chewing gum. Fines will be issued in 2019 in the event this is seen by any staff members. Please advise this to children in your touring unit or tent.
5. Morriscastle operates a recycling refuse area – purple and black bins are for domestic rubbish, green and blue bins are for plastic, cans, paper and cardboard and there are 1000 litre bins available for glass of all colours. Please recycle your refuse when you are in Morriscastle. You are NOT permitted to bring household refuse from your home and leave it in our Bins – CCTV cameras are in operation in our refuse area.
6. The refuse area is not for BBQ’s, deckchairs, broken tents/gazebos etc..




1. Touring units must be maintained in a clean state of repair and in a clean and tidy condition externally, to the satisfaction of the Licensor.
2. The Licensor shall have the right to remedy the above, making a direct charge to the Licensee for doing the work.
3. The area around the touring unit and pitch must be kept free from unsightly articles and is not to be used as a storage area.
4. Wind breakers are not permitted at units staying longer than 21 days.




1. Dogs are permitted on Morriscastle Strand Holiday Park but must be kept on leads and cleaned up after. Due to the Blue Flag status of Morriscastle Beach, dogs are also allowed to be walked but also on leads at all times. Fines are in place for individuals who allow their dogs to soil the grounds of Morriscastle Park without picking up after them.




1. The entrance and exit gates and barriers and the surrounding areas close to the barriers are out-of- bounds for children playing. This is for their own safety.
2. Any bikes found near the barriers and not in this specific parking area will be removed and stored. Children using their bikes on site must use safety helmets etc at all times on the Park.
3. Children’s playtime and all ball games and other play activities end when darkness falls in July and August [no later than 11pm].
4. The playing of ‘Hard Games’ – for example Cricket, Golf and Hurling, is not permitted in any area of Morriscastle. Football, Tennis and Basketball are permitted in the designated areas provided.
5. The playground equipment is suitable only for children up to the age of 10. Adult supervision is essential at all times for all children of all ages. It does not suffice to be ‘close to’ the playgrounds when your child is playing, it is essential to be there in the playground in case of accidents occurring.
6. The Licensee must ensure that his/her children cycling or otherwise playing in the Park are equipped with suitable safety equipment for that activity. Children seen without safety gear will be stopped and requested to return to their touring unit/parents to obtain safety materials to use bikes etc. Skates, skateboards, and rollerblades are not permitted in or around the Park.
7. The Licensee must ensure that children should not be left without adult supervision at any time in the Touring unit or on the Park.
8. Children attending any Kidsclub or other activities on site must be accompanied by responsible adults for example at the cinema, fishing, at the discos, sports camps, sports events etc.




1. During the months of July and August, Morriscastle Strand Holiday Park has security on site nightly.
2. Disorderly or boisterous behaviour or creating noise and disturbance [especially late at night or in the early hours] will not be tolerated. Behaviour of this kind may result in the immediate termination of your stay.
3. In the interest and comfort of others, parties and sing-songs at night are not acceptable.
4. For the comfort and consideration of other Park users, noise and disturbance late at night is not acceptable. This includes impromptu parties of any sort.
5. The Licensee must not cause damage to the Site or to fences, trees, hedging, buildings or to the Park and fixtures. This includes the making of ‘dens’; in the trees/bushes dividing the various Mobile Home/Touring fields. This process has damaged many natural areas of foliage to date and this will not be tolerated.
6. No washing or clothes are to be hung on fences or hedges. Rotary lines are not permitted, use of laundry facilities to wash & dry clothing is advised.
7. Interference with fences or hedging/climbing of fences/trees and gates is not permitted.
8. The Licensee is not to do or permit to be done on the Park or Site, anything which may become a nuisance or annoyance to the Licensor, or occupiers or Licensee’s of other sites or owners or occupiers of adjoining property.
9. No trespassing on adjoining properties or causing nuisance to other touring units owners or Mobile Home owners.
10. Morriscastle Strand Holiday Park must not be brought into disrepute by the behaviour or actions of touring park residents whilst outside the Park that would reflect badly on the reputation of the Park.
11. Radios etc must not be played while being carried around the Park as a courtesy to other Mobile Home owners on Morriscastle Strand Park.
12. Radios, CD systems, iPhones, iPads, Televisions etc must be kept to a volume that will not bother other Park users.
13. Foul or abusive language is unacceptable.
14. The drinking of alcohol, or the carrying of glasses/bottles or cans while walking through Morriscastle Park is not permitted.
15. When walking from the village/late bus, be respectful to other guests and touring unit owners and keep noise to a minimum.




1. No stakes, pins or other objects to be driven into the ground or any excavation to take place without prior reference to the Licensor, due to the presence of underground services which could be damaged or cause injury if struck.
2. The Licensee is strongly advised that candles or other naked flames are not permitted in the touring unit, and that Licensee should ensure that a battery operated torch should be used in the event of power outages.
3. Gas bottles should be be kept in an upright position at all times as advised by the manufacturer and kept locked at all times.
4. All touring units should have a fire extinguisher and a fire blanket in case of an emergency.
5. The area beneath & around the touring unit must be kept free of flammable articles at all times.
6. Kite flying is not allowed on site due to damage that can occur if overhead lines are hit. Go to the beach for this activity.
7. License holders must ensure that the number of persons occupying the touring unit is not in excess of the number for which it was designed.
8. Fire­arms, air weapons, crossbows and knives are not allowed on the Park for any reason.
9. No fireworks, firearms, spears, crossbows, bows of any description, catapults, waterguns, knives, swords or weapons of any description are to be brought onto the Park. This includes toy weapons that cause projectiles to be fired any distance.




1. Electrical meter boxes are not to be interfered with for any reason.
2. The use of any machinery or devices, which could cause damage to the electricity supply or create any danger whatsoever by reason of its use is forbidden.
3. The Licensee must ensure that bulbs in light fittings in the Touring Unit should be Maximum 60 Watts, unless the manufacturer states a lower wattage. Ideally, energy saver bulbs should be used within the Touring Unit on Site to save electricity usage.
4. One electrical point is allocated to each touring unit. If there is a medical reason for a second point to be used, please advise management prior to arriving on site to request this.




1. Morriscastle Strand Holiday Park shall have the right to refuse admission to any person or persons onto the Park without giving reason therefore.




1. No committees or organisations have the right to represent the individual licensee and will not be entertained by the Licensor.
2. The Licensee must comply with all regulations and requirements of the Licensor which in the opinion of the licensor are necessary for the proper management and upkeep of the Park.
3. The Park shop, if open, will only be open during the months of June, July and August and at hours decided upon by the Park Manager. No guarantee is given that the Park shop/cafe/reception/games room will open in any particular year.
4. All individuals aged 16 or under must be in their touring units/tents by 11pm nightly. If security must ask more than once for these young people to go indoors after 11pm, parents/guardians will be notified immediately. If this behaviour continues in any shape or form, over any number of nights through the season, this will lead to removal from the Holiday Park. Security at Morriscastle will not follow children around the Park at curfew – it is the parents/guardians responsibility to have children under 16 inside by 11pm. Parents who are issued with a written warning in relation to children disregarding our rules in this respect will be requested to remove the children from the park immediately.
5. No touring unit owner is permitted to have relatives or friends stay overnight in cars anywhere on the Park.
6. Morriscastle Strand is a ‘Families Only’ Park and as such it is not possible to allow groups of young people use of touring units. This should be clearly noted as if the Park Manager becomes aware that groups of young people are using or intend to use a touring unit, it will not be allowed and the family it is booked for will be requested to leave immediately.
7. No touring units can be left at Morriscastle over the non-peak months unless it is properly secured to prevent it blowing over in a storm. Gas bottles should be left inside the touring units when not in use. Awnings should NOT be put up until the June bank holiday weekend due to high winds. Valuables of any sort should not be left in the touring unit.
8. It is not permitted for any group of touring unit users or for any individual to stage or hold any activity on the property of the Licensor which property includes the beach and dunes area without the express permission of the Park Manager. If in fact permission is given for the holding of any activity, it is on the strictest understanding that full responsibility for the holding of this activity rests with the organisers and that no responsibility is incurred by the Licensor if any accident whatsoever occurs during this event/activity. The acceptance of this responsibility must be received in advance in writing by the Park Manager.