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Unfortunately the end of season has come a little sooner than planned for us this year due to the lovely #StormOphelia and her little bro #Brian.

Despite our fantastically frightful plans for the scary weekend ahead [We had even populated our new Events Calendar], we have had to cancel everything for Health & Safety reasons [ie – I don’t want anyone getting hit on the head with random falling branches from the very shook trees, falling over any of the many downed fences or getting hit by falling debris from our poor damaged reception roof [the club house isn’t much better!] not to mention our semi-squashed campers kitchen! So, we’ll fix it all up and will come back stronger next year. I’m already planning to schedule an unseasonable Halloween party at Easter to kick it all off with style #Season18.

Hope your Halloween weekend goes well everyone – I’ll be back with our End of Season blog to fill you in on all the happenings throughout the season just passed, as well as our plans for this winter and for next year! Very exciting 🙂

Niamh x